Amanda spent four years at Federated Mediaa leading digital media agency that pioneered content marketing and launched some of the first bloggers' careers. At Federated Media, Amanda worked closely with some of the most successful digital influencers (DesignLoveFest, The Everygirl, Glitter Guide, and Victoria Smith to name a few) helping to monetize their blogs by ideating & executing sponsored content campaigns with some of the top Fortune 500 brands. She's worked closely with Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom, L'Oréal and more to reach their marketing goals through blogger collaborations.

NETWORK of bloggers

Because of her experience at both Federated Media and her own blog, Amanda has grown an extensive network of high-quality, influential lifestyle bloggers from all over the world. The relationships she's built allows her to partner with these digital influencers in all types of sponsored content campaigns.


Whether you're a small brand just getting off the ground, a large name looking to connect with influencers, or even a blogger needing some advice, Amanda offers consulting & campaign management depending on your goals. 

- Invaluable Insight into the World of Digital Influencers
- Personal Connections to Digital Influencers in the Lifestyle Space
- Ideation, Execution & Management of Content Marketing Campaigns
(including sponsored blog posts, social posts, giveaways, & more)

Check out her recent work below where she partnered with 10 digital influencers to help promote the launch of bareMinerals new skincare line through unique, authentic, high-quality content.